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Review of «The Happy Christian» by David Murray

Nota al lector castellanohablante: En breve traduciré esta reseña al castellano así quien no domine el inglés puede beneficiarse también de ello. Sin embargo, si quieres intentar conseguir este libro de forma completamente gratuita, simplemente dale un «me gusta» (no el de Facebook, aunque si lo quieres compartir, ¡genial!), escogeremos uno a sorteo. 

book It is not every day that I review a book on my blog. In fact, since this blog is relatively new, this is the first book that I will be reviewing!

However, it is strikingly impressive how God working in His «mysterious ways» has managed to get this book into my hands right when I needed it the most.

Let me give you a 5-second detour, and then we’ll be back. I have two slipped disks in my back, which about five years ago had me bed-ridden for 3 weeks. After that, the pain had been on and off for some time, but during this Christmas 2014, it had started to increase, up to the point that on January 5th I went to the emergency room and they told me I couldn’t go to work.

I got the request to review this book in the middle of these 5 weeks that I have not been able to get up from bed, much less work or sit at the computer, play the piano, preach, among other things that make me happy.

So, here I am, stuck with a book that was to tell me how to be happy.

The thing is, that once I began reading it, and it is a real page-swiper, I became engrossed with brother Murray’s outlook on what it is to really be a happy Christian.

In it, (I don’t want to give too much away!) he outlines some 10 math formulas (don’t worry, I was homeschooled, and was able to follow) that will give you the liberty you need to find with ease in order to become a happy Christian.

Now, for those nay-sayers out there (you know who you are!), I just want to say that I am wary of any Christian book with «happy» in its title.

However, brother Murray’s balanced point-of-view, combining Scripture with well-researched secular/scholarly findings, make «The Happy Christian» not just a joy to read, but a sensible and worthwhile endeavour for life.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to get this book and doing so before Feb 24th gets you $100 worth of FREE RESOURCES. Yes, you read right. Buy it now for $12.22 on Amazon (link) or any other of your preferred online bookstore and follow the instructions below, by clicking on the banner.

However, before I finish, I wanted to first, thank brother Murray for a wonderfully written, intelligent book, which provides food for thought during the day and helps overcome bumps and humps that come and try to take our happiness from us. It has helped me during this time of my life personally and I am sure that it will do so for many other people as well.

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